GWI EA Media Policy

ObserverGWI EA understands that our relationship with the media is critical to the project’s success, so we welcome all media enquiries.

Stories about GWI EA’s work appear regularly in the media. GWI EA recently featured in an excellent piece in the Observer, a story by Matilda Nakawungu that highlights GWI EA’s work in Ethiopia, as well as in this piece in the Daily Monitor in Uganda by our colleague, Ugandan science journalist and blogger,  William Odinga.DailyMonitor112013


We are  exploring further the use of local radio as an avenue for information dissemination to farmers and for influencing more local-level decision making towards water for smallholder agriculture.


UGD00437We are developing an extensive photo archive as a valuable resource for the local, regional and international press.

We can deliver hi-resolution images for use along side all stories about our projects.

See our Photo Archive for more details.


GWI EA has also produced a number of short films, designed  both as background information pieces for local journalists and other stakeholders.

Our first film, produced by Wild Dog in 2013 was is Harvesting our Futures.

Harvesting our Futures from Andy Johnstone – Wild Dog Ltd on Vimeo.

Harvesting our Futures looks at how farmers in Northern Uganda are coping with uncertainty and change in their agricultural livelihoods.

Ugandan journalist William Odinga travels north from Kampala to Otuke District in Northern Uganda, an area which has recently emerged from years of conflict. With many people now returning to their homes, having been displaced by Joseph Kony’s Lords Resistance Army (LRA), Odinga asks smallholder farmers how they are rebuilding their lives and how they are coping with the new threats posed to their livelihoods by rainfall uncertainty and climate variability.

For more information see the Press Release for the film.GWI_pressrelease0913

All our film work is freely available on our Vimeo channel. We welcome and invite you to link this page to your own media work on similar issues across the region.

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Press enquiries

Please note that of May 2015 the GWI EA project has now concluded.

For all press enquiries, please get in touch with Malaika Cheney-Coker at CARE.