Advocacy & Influencing

Learning & Practice Alliances

The LPA approach is a key part of our advocacy and influencing, building on the idea of multi-stakeholder engagement in learning processes, through which research, influence and decision making can be brought  together in closer proximity. Our LPAs will undertake the following:


ETH090Creating new or nurturing existing spaces where dialogue can take place between key stakeholders on water for smallholder agriculture at a local level, conflicts can be safely worked through, enthusiasm for innovation and solving problems can be built, and joint goals to inform a research agenda can be agreed.

Research and Knowledge Sharing – Helping to define a common research agenda amongst stakeholders and acting as a knowledge clearing house to interpret, synthesize and curate existing knowledge on water for smallholder agriculture, with a special emphasis on identifying and nurturing local-level  means of knowledge-sharing.

Capacity Development

Building the confidence and ability of grassroots members (e.g., smallholder farmer groups, women farmers,  research organizations and practitioners) to actively participate, validating existing knowledge and helping to ensure that this new evidence generation is carried out with those who can use the results directly in their work.