GWI East Africa

Our program in East Africa is part of the wider Global Water Initiative working in addition in West Africa and Central America on water for agriculture issues. In all regions the focus is on generating solid evidence to support policy change.GWI_Logo_clearBG

In East Africa our goal is that through this change, smallholder farmers will achieve greater food security through more sustainable access to and productive use of water

CARE_VERT_2cOur funding partner, the Howard G Buffett Foundation, generously supports our work because of a firm commitment to achieving change in support of smallholder farmers, the bedrock of household food security in East Africa.

Care is the project’s implementation partner and the project is based at Care’s regional offices in Kampala, Uganda.


Where we work

GWI EA is a regional research, advocacy and policy influencing program. Our Regional HQ is located in Kampala, within CARE International.

Our offices in Ethiopia and Tanzania are located in Addis Ababa and Dar es-Salaam respectively, within CARE Country Offices.

We also have staff based in CARE sub-offices in Gulu (Northern Uganda servicing our Otuke District work), in CARE Bahi Dar, Amhara Region, Ethiopia, servicing our Dera Woreda work, and with a partner Water Users Association  in Same District, Tanzania.


Data Dashboard

GoogleChartGWI EA is an action research, advocacy and policy influencing program which is working with partners to consolidate and generate evidence on water for smallholder agriculture. We are also monitoring the functionality of water supply and sanitation schemes undertaken during the first phase of the GWI (2007-2012). Both new research data and our functionality monitoring statistics will be shared on these pages. We encourage you to take a look and provide feedback and comment.

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